alternative dance meets big beats


The love-child of a German music producer and his many instruments, BOSKER is fun and funky, experimental and driving electronic music with a slick sound-designer's touch.


BOSKER in the studio - artwork by Mardo El-Noor



At the heart of BOSKER is German multi-instrumentalist Adrian Hollay. 

An award-wining recording engineer and music producer, Adrian has been busy as composer and sound designer for film and theatre. With BOSKER he combines his polished production skills and his quirky musical ideas. 

Adrian's musical influences come through clearly, his love for Funk and Soul, as well as his passion for melodies and solid beats. At the same time he can't escape his German roots, which led to his music being described as Teutonic electronic music. Teutronic Music?  

Expect energetic and slick productions that put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.